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Post  Fonzie on Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:08 pm

Free for all chats. Modding allowed.

Kesame/Sullivan Dc_L Kesame/Sullivan Dc_R Kesame/Sullivan Free2pw9Kesame/Sullivan Wtfox
Kesame/Sullivan Pokebawl
Kesame/Sullivan Freepika
Kesame/Sullivan Inabox
Kesame/Sullivan Shade1lbw2
Kesame/Sullivan Katamari2
Kesame/Sullivan Freee
Kesame/Sullivan Dingo7-3
Kesame/Sullivan Dingo6-1
Kesame/Sullivan Freebie-1
Kesame/Sullivan 206if83 Kesame/Sullivan Capnp
Kesame/Sullivan Capnb Kesame/Sullivan Freebie1
Kesame/Sullivan Ipod
Kesame/Sullivan Wolfsuit
Kesame/Sullivan Evilnurse
Kesame/Sullivan 1-2
Kesame/Sullivan 2-2
Kesame/Sullivan 3
Kesame/Sullivan 4
Kesame/Sullivan Pr3
Kesame/Sullivan Pr2
Kesame/Sullivan Pr1
Kesame/Sullivan Koolaid-2
Kesame/Sullivan Hoooo
Kesame/Sullivan Sheepy
Kesame/Sullivan Failball
Kesame/Sullivan Nom
Kesame/Sullivan Link
Kesame/Sullivan Lawldb

- - Modded by Leski - -
Kesame/Sullivan 2mewtcl

- - Modded by Blaubeermund - -
Kesame/Sullivan Dingpuz3 Kesame/Sullivan Dingpuz1 Kesame/Sullivan Dingpuz2

The following poses will need to be resized before uploading
Kesame/Sullivan Freecurl Kesame/Sullivan Dingo2 Kesame/Sullivan Dingo3 Kesame/Sullivan Dingo1 Kesame/Sullivan Jijivq Kesame/Sullivan E9ceg0 Kesame/Sullivan 2n99xkp

Free to use them here on Wolfhome and wherever, give credit, don't mod too much, don't resell/sell markings on them, blahblahblah. k? :] Ignore "Totemlands only"

Kesame/Sullivan Coyotefreebies

You guys can use them as refs or poses. Don't sell markings on them.
Kesame/Sullivan Template
Kesame/Sullivan Cutefreeb
Kesame/Sullivan Girlyref

Mod, sell markings on it, use it on any chat/forum, I don't care--- just keep the copyright on it :3

Kesame/Sullivan Freeref

Free Lines - Free for use as a reference sheet, marking template, and for resale. Also can be resized as a pose. sorry for stray pixels.

Kesame/Sullivan Freelines

Free grayscale- please do not resell.
Kesame/Sullivan Free-1

Kesame/Sullivan Sylar_by_BartyJnr

"There's a lot of things I can do that you don't know about"

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